Welcome, pepitagraphics is a window where you can take a look into my world!
I was born and raised in México city and have been living for the past 21 years
in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Yes, it couldn't have been a more radical change!

Already as a child and teenager I was doing a lot of looking. Down the street were I
grew up there was a market, well, the market is still there but I have the impression it
has lost a lot of it's magic.

I just had to take a look outside my window to see and listen all this life going on.
Mexican vendors with all kinds of merchandises, flowers of every possible color, fruits
and vegetables, dogs running freely around, musicians playing either marimbas which
they had to carry by foot, or Danzon players with their cornets, clarinets, trombons and
drums. Elegant ladies being driven by their chauffers, maids with pretty black braidded
hair in uniform or beggars. The ambiens was full with laughter and jockes but also with
tragic scenes. What a luxury!

Today my drawings are meant as indirect commentaries on Mass Culture and Myth.
The meaning of things that surround us and the way we deal with them in daily life
interest me deeply. They are also "Pop-ular" observations breaking the lines between
high and low art and culture. At the same time I would like to read them as symbols
that conform a deeper semiotical discours. A language of things!

I feel that drawing is related to thinking and to emotions and is an instrument that
helps me go deeper into the mystery of everyday life and triviality.

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